CS 528 and CS 590 (Purdue University)

Spring 2019

Network Security (CS 528) and Data Security and Privacy (CS 590)

Guest lectured on cellular network security. Taught the basic cellular network architecture, and different sub protocols, such as, authentication and key agreement, registration, paging, and deregistration procedure. Also demonstrated different attacks and defenses in cellular networks.

CS 307 (Purdue University)

Spring 2018

Software Engineering I

Course description: An introduction to the methods and tools of software engineering; software life cycle; specification and design of software, software testing, cost and effort estimation; laboratory exercises with design, testing, and other tools.

Responsibility as a Teaching Assistant: Supervised the semister-long projects for 8 teams, designed and evaluated homework assignments.

CS 180 (Purdue University)

Fall 2017, Fall 2016

Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming

Course description: CS18000 offers an introduction to Computer Science, using the Java programming language. Topics include primitive types and strings, selection, repetition, arrays, graphical user interfaces, methods and classes, interfaces, inheritance, exceptions, basic concurrent programming and synchronization, polymorphism, dynamic data structures, recursion and recursive data structures, and an introduction to generics.

Responsibility as a Teaching Assistant: Taught 100+ students in lab sessions and held weekly office hours. Designed homework problems, set exam questions, graded assignments, and supervised group projects with 3-4 students in each group.

CSC 246 (NC State University)

Fall 2011

Operating Systems

Course description: The history and evolution of operating systems, concepts of process management, memory addressing and allocation, files and protection, deadlocks and distributed systems.

Responsibility as a Teaching Assistant: Taught 130+ students in lab sessions and held weekly office hours. Designed homework problems, set exam questions, and graded assignments.

CS 573 (NC State University)

Spring 2012

Internet Protocols

Course description: Principles and issues underlying provision of wide area connectivity through interconnection of autonomous networks. Internet architecture and protocols today and likely evolution in future. Case studies of particular protocols to demonstrate how fundamental principles applied in practice. Selected examples of networked clinet/server applications to motivate the functional requirements of internetworking.

Responsibility as a Teaching Assistant: Taught 50+ students, desgined and graded homework assignments and exams, and supervised projects.