About me

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher hosted by my PhD supervisor Prof. Elisa Bertino and Prof. Ninghui Li at Purdue University. I am primarily interested in designing and developing principled approaches and tools for analyzing the network protocols deployed in traditional and IoT systems by drawing inspirations from software testing, program analysis, and formal verification techniques. I have received my Ph.D. from Purdue University in Fall 2018. I also closely work with Prof. Omar Chowdhury who was a postdoc here at Purdue.

Recent News

  • August 19: “Opening Pandora’s Box through ATFuzzer: Dynamic Analysis of AT Interface for Android Smartphones” got accepted to ACSAC’19. Congrats to Imtiaz and Fabrizio! My first work as a mentor!
  • August 19: “Protecting the 4G and 5G Cellular Paging Protocols against Security and Privacy Attacks” got accepted to PETS’20. Congrats to Ankush!
  • July 19: 5GReasoner got accepted to CCS’19.
  • March 19: “Securing the Insecure Link of Internet-of-Things Using Next-Generation Smart Gateways” got accepted to DCOSS’19.
  • March 19: “Insecure Connection Bootstrapping in Cellular Networks: The Root of All Evil” got accepted to WiSec’19.
  • December 18: Qualcomm awarded $10K for our work on cellular network security.
  • December 18: Intel awarded $65K for our work on cellular network security.
  • November 18: “Privacy Attacks to the 4G and 5G Cellular Paging Protocols Using Side Channel Information” got accepted to NDSS’19. Best Paper Award Honorable Mention.